Staff Interview – Nick Lewis

Staff Interview – Nick Lewis

Staff Interview – Nick Lewis

Nick is another new addition to the Arcus squad, bringing his years of Project Management experience to help us as we tackle some of the biggest projects to ever come through the door.   He’s a tall, lean, project managing machine and we decided to ask him a few questions.

Hi Nick, what TV are you watching at the moment?

“The Returned”, the slow burning French zombie series. It’s mysterious not least because it’s hard to follow, it has subtitles and I keep falling asleep thought it, yet I still love it.

What are you most looking forward to?


I’m with you on that one.  What is a weird fact about you?

When I hear far off, high pitched noises, my ears twitch in a prehensile kind of way.

I’ll be staring intently at you, keeping an eye out for this phenomenon!  What is your favourite animal?

Sea Otters. They’re like normal otters but massive and laid back.

Speaking of chilled-out animals with slick, glorious hair, what is your favourite Nicholas Cage movie?

ConAir. It’s so bad. It has the line “I drove through 5 states wearing a girls head as a hat”. So exactly how would you do that? Balance it on your head? Use sellotape?

That movie doesn’t make a whole lot of sense!  What is the best movie of all time?

“Network” (or it least it was 15 years ago when I last watched it).

Speaking of being mad as hell and refusing to take it any more, who do you think the Zodiac killer was?

Mystic Meg’s nemesis….?

Who is your favourite member of the Wu Tang Clan?

Mandy Wu Tang.

Before we let you go, tell us a joke.

Q) What’s a drummer’s favourite piece of crockery?

A) Duddadish!

That’s some amazing dad jokery there.  Cheers Nick!


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